• 01// WHO WE ARE

  • MPALQUADRATO is a generational server company specialized in the production of high quality clothing for the haute couture sector.


  • La nostra filosofia privilegia eccellenza nella qualità e costante innovazione, in ogni fase del processo produttivo. Individuati i bisogni del cliente, impieghiamo le nostre competenze e il nostro network di laboratori per garantire un servizio personalizzato e completo, con un approccio propositivo e puntuale. MPALQUADRATO crede nella sostenibilità ambientale e lavorativa: ricerchiamo e promuoviamo soluzioni all’avanguardia per ridurre l’impatto ambientale delle nostre produzioni, e possiamo contare su una ampia rete di partner fondata su fiducia e collaborazione.clear​572 / 5,000Translation resultsTranslation resultOur philosophy favors excellence in quality and constant innovation, at every stage of the production process. Once the customer's needs have been identified, we use our skills and our network of laboratories to guarantee a personalized and complete service, with a proactive and punctual approach. MPALQUADRATO believes in environmental and working sustainability: we research and promote cutting-edge solutions to reduce the environmental impact of our production, and we can count on a large network of partners based on trust and collaboration.

  • 04// VISION

  • Grow and consolidate our presence in the haute couture market, offering cutting-edge and ethical production solutions to high-end niche brands that share our values and our passion for excellence.

  • 05// OURS

  • MPALQUADRATO carries out style office, cutting, sampling, quality control, ironing and logistics services internally. We offer both rapid sampling to optimize evaluation and design times and a significant production capacity (50,000 items per month). For other production support services, we make use of our excellent network of specialized laboratories (façon, embroidery, screen-printing, printing...) with which we enter into ongoing and contractual collaborations. We conduct constant research for sustainable materials, establishing new partnerships with international textile producers every year to broaden our offering. Furthermore, we develop and patent new fabrics, textures, yarns, etc., in order to offer innovative and absolutely exclusive solutions, always in the name of Made in Italy excellence. Thanks to our network of laboratories, we can guarantee a wide production variety of models, processes and customizations, managing to satisfy the needs of radically different brands, from tailored haute couture to luxury streetwear. The quality and professionalism of our work is demonstrated from the vast and long-lasting collaboration with a vast network of Italian and foreign brands. Among the brands with which we have worked in the past or still work, directly or indirectly: Vetemen ts, Neil Barrett, Colmar, Garment Workshop, Canada Goose, Department Five

  • 01.STYLE





MPALQUADRATO offers a complete and personalized experience to each customer, making expert collaborators available in different areas of the creative process: • Trend analysis • Creation of mood boards • Collection development • Model selection • Research of materials and components • Identification of fabrics and colors • Choice of customization techniques • Label design


Our team of professionals works in synergy with the sampling department, ensuring quality control and coordination in the creation of prototypes. We use cutting-edge CAD technologies to offer an efficient and comprehensive process in model management. If necessary, we carry out the digitization of paper or physical models. Finally, we optimize the positioning of the models on the fabric to reduce waste and maximize the yield of materials.


Cutting is a crucial element in the production process: precision and efficiency in the creation of garments depend on it. We combine our experience with the most cutting-edge technologies and methods of automatic cutting, ensuring an optimal result in terms of quality and efficiency in the use of the materials. Our highly qualified staff works carefully to ensure perfect adherence to customer models and specifications.


We offer a wide range of customization solutions, to guarantee the creation of unique and distinctive garments. Sewing, printing, embroidery and façon are carried out with the utmost care by expert technicians. Our constant search for innovative techniques, combined with collaboration with proven mastery, make it possible to meet, if not exceed, customer expectations.


The meticulous quality control and hand ironing services aim to highlight the quality of the materials and the excellence of the manufacturing, preparing the garment for shipping and presentation to the end customer.


MPALQUADRATO supervises the logistics phase to guarantee the customer the completion of an all-round, organized and punctual experience. Thanks to efficient shipment planning, carried out through reliable Carrier Partners, we are able to supervise all phases of the supply chain, from order processing to delivery of finished garments. The attention we dedicate to customer satisfaction pushes us to constantly optimize the logistics phase, attempting to anticipate deliveries compared to the expected times.