Oruam uses only high quality materials. We aim at creating products that can enter with full title in the wardrobe of our customers.

For this reason the fabrics are all top level and resistant to washing. All our products are subjects to evaluation and quality testing.



The garments are all designed by stylists and attention to detail.
Since we are big supporters of production with low environmental impact, our cotton garments are produced with the utmost respect for the environment by reducing emissions of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

All of our products are also produced in compliance with workers, not being used child labor and being completely banned any exploitation throughout the machining process.

Oruam does not need great presentations, offered for years high quality t-shirts at the best price on the web.

Our t-shirts are completely customizable and great for any type of need, from gadgets to gift, personal use, for resale in the store.

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